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Jun 29, 2022

Wanna become a VERY IMPORTANT BEEZER?? Join us…..


18 thoughts on “$157 CHARGER HAUL 🤡”
  1. That @collen hudson person is incredibly racist and goes on really gross tangents about arab men/culture. She’s said some pretty vile things that make her come off as incredibly ignorant. I’ve seen her ban people for FAR LESS.

  2. You are so sickening that is why he don’t want you stop being so desperate believe me he will look for you cause when you stop looking for him I promise

  3. You remind me of the mother on the movie ‘Precious’. Ruining Precious’s life and blaming Precious for it. No wonder you have no friends and no wonder your family don’t like being around you. The majority of people who watch you enjoy you because you make a lot of people look better then they are and the rest are new so they haven’t caught on to your lies yet. This is why you will die alone.

  4. 😂 you’re the one miserable and don’t take accountability for your actions. How often do you have peetz get you something…the projection!!! Every little bitchy comment is you to a T

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