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Arcata voters Might have The prospect To Search out out whether or not a symbolic Earth flag ought to fly On The very Greater of metropolis-owned flagpoles Inside the November election.

The Arcata City Council accepted the licensed verification of enough signatures for an initiative to fly an Earth flag over completely differents, collectively with America and California state flags, on municipal flagpoles all by way of a prolonged particular meeting Wednesday Evening time. As An factor of the merchandise, the council had The selection to both undertake the proposed ordinance or to let voters decide, Choosing the latter.

The flag in question is a blue area with the “blue marble” photograph of the Earth, taken from the Apollo 17 spacecraft in 1972.

Councilmember Brett Watson first made a movement to have the council undertake the ordinance on the spot, however Did not acquire assist from The completely different three representatives on the dais.

Councilmember Sarah Schaefer then made a movement to submit the movement to voters On The subsequent municipal election, which was seconded and handed on a 4-0 vote, collectively with Watson’s.

Earlier to the vote, Mightor Stacy Atkins-Salazar said she assists having voters make The selection pretty than the council As a Outcome of of some suggestions the council has acquired from veterans organizations.

“I’m not a veteran, I haven’t put my life on The road for our nation and we did get some actually critical pushback on this and considerations from veterans organizations, So as that’s why I really feel it Should go to the ballot,” Atkins-Salazar said.

Native resident Dave Meserve developed the petition To place the flag above all completely differents as a message that preserving the Earth’s environment Is very important to people and for a healthful, prosperous nation. In a previous dialog with the Occasions-Regular this week, he said he deliberate on asking the council To go away The drawback to the voters Rather than getting The unfinished council approve it outright.

During Wednesday’s meeting, he reiterated his intentions for voters to make the selection.

“I would like to see it go on the Polland 1,300 people Want to see it on the ballot, that’s whOn they signed (the petition) for. To me, That is one factor To enhance consciousness of the significance of the Earth and To Do this what We now have to do Is additionally for the people to embrace it,” Meserve said. “I really feel it’s A lot extra spectacular and makes A lot extra of A press launch if the people of Arcata decide that.”

An artist rendering of the Arcata plaza’s flagpole with the symbolic Earth flag flying over the U.S. and California flags. (Contrihowevered)

Meserve additionally addressed considerations the transfer was disrespectful to veterans or the nation, by pointing to the non-enforceable, advisory nature of the U.S. flag code, and stating the order of the flags Does not put one nation above America.

“This is merely saying that we stay on planet Earth and that We will’t have a healthful nation till we have a healthful Earth. The complete idea of That is To Increase The discover For People who we Want to be Listening to the well being of the earth, and To not nationalism,” the petition’s author said.

With the merchandise heading to voters, The metropolis Shall be Looking for arguments in the direction of the proposed flag ordinance and rehowevertal arguments. City Clerk Briget Dory said any registered voter in Arcata, a bona fide affiliation of residents or A combination of The two can file these. Primary arguments are due on July 28 and rehowevertals are due Aug. 2.

Mario Cortez Might be reached at 707-441-0526.

Source: https://www.times-standard.com/2022/06/23/arcata-earth-flag-initiative-going-to-voters/

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