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Bay Area Gardening Q&A: Problems with tomatoes setting fruit – The Mercury News – 152news
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Q. I’ve an atrium that surrounds one An factor of my house. I grew a tomato plant there effectively final yr. This yr, I started a plant there, and it blossomed however Wouldn’t fruit. I adopted All of your suggestion (egg shells, worms castings and bone meal), And that i sprayed “Blossom Start” on it, However the blossoms simply dry up and fall off. Any ideas?

Carol Meacham, Danville

A. I’ve by no means used “blossom start” earlier than, so I’m trusting you adopted instructions for its use. As a Outcome of it didn’t work, And also you’re having factors, it’s time To take a Take A look at your backyarding space as A complete.

An important factor To imagine about Is whether or not or not you’re getting enough photo voltaic. Tomatoes, till you’re rising cherry tomatoes, require 8 hours of photo voltaic Daily. Regardless of The very Incontrovertible actuality that you merely had success final yr, circumstances in your yard Might have modified. In all probability the Commonest problem is timber Which have developn and At the second are shading your backyard.

You additionally Want to look at that the tomatoes are receiving enough water. Tomatoes do biggest As quickly as they’re on a fixed watering schedule. Do you have to don’t have drip irrigation and a timer, you may think about placing in these.

If the crops are rising good and leafy, then fertilizer probably Is not the disbenefit. Do you have to add extra at this level, You can promote extra progress, Which may take away from fruit manufacturing. Nitrogen-heavy fertilizers inform the crops to develop extra inexperienced departs, and In the event that they’re doing that, They’ren’t directing power to fruit.

Tomatoes are Sort of self-pollinating, aided by the wind. The atrium Might be too protected, so make it a apply to run your palms flippantly over the crops, Which may assist with pollinating the fdecreases.

Regardless of good rising circumstances, climate is the one factor We will’t administration. When temperatures get greater than 85 levels By way of the day or decrease than 55 levels at Evening time, the plant will drop its blooms and focus power on primarytaining itself alive. We’ve had A lot of temperature fluctuation, And that i assume that’s The primary problem.

I wouldn’t Hand over on having a healthful tomato crop. The plant may simply need to settle in and develop its root system, and there’s nonetheless An excellent deal of summer time left.

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Q. We now have three huge bottle brush crops that the hummingbirds and bees take pleasure in. Any benefit to pruning them again with current diminished progress To promote extra progress, or biggest depart them alone?

Terry and Diane Sullivan, Los Gatos

A. Whereas some shrubs revenue from extreme pruning, the bottlebrush (Callistemon spp.) Isn’t Definitely one of them. Pruning too far again can damage the shrub and in some circumstances kill it.

Blooms develop on new wooden, So that you by no means Want To reduce too deeply into The inside of the bottlebrush. Instead, snip off plant Tips to type the shrub and promote new progress. Do you have tor bottlebrush has developn too huge or has An extreme quantity of “lifeless wooden” in its inside, it’s biggest to prune at floor diploma.

The bottlebrush is A local of Australia and does properly in our Mediterranean local climate. It requires Little or no pruning, till You should develop it in tree type pretty than its pure bush type. It could develop pretty huge — As a lot as 25 ft — so some pruning Might be required To primarytain The measurement down. Specialists, however, advocate Looking for dwarf varieties, if it’s a smaller shrub or tree you’re Looking for.

There are two widespread strategies for pruning bottlebrushes. You will Have The power to snip off The ideas as new progress seems, taking off 1 to 2 inches at a time. Or As a Outcome of the fdecreases fade, you can snip off the blossoms. Each strategies are thought-about mild pruning.

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