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Does the World Need Cloud Detection and Response (CDR)? – Security Boulevard – 152news
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Let’s play a recreation and outline a hypothetical market referred to as Cloud Detection and Response (CDR). Notice that It is not my job to outline markets, so I am doing it for nice right here (sure, people discover the weirdest factors to be nice!)

So, let’s outline CDR as A Sort of a safety system primarily focused on detecting, confirming and investigating suspicious actions and completely different safety factors in numerous public cloud environments, collectively with, however not restricted to IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. As You will Have The power to see, I stole some ideas from my unique EDR definition So as that some useful similarities come out. But, no, the cloud Is not simply Ancompletely different particular person’s pc 🙂

Now, the questions:

  • Does it exist?
  • Ought to it exist as a market?
  • Ought to it exist as a know-how space (not every know-how space is a market, e.g. anti-spam is clearly nonetheless a factor, but Tright here’s clearly no anti-spam system market)

Naturally, all exhausting factors in life are solved with a Twitter ballot… so right here is the related one:

CDR ballot by Anton

Amongst All of the responses, one stood out to me: “public cloud has enough particular deployment and assortment variations from on-prem that tright here Should be a CDR carry out.” This to me recurrents the strongest logic in favor of CDR existence, whether or not as a market or a technical performance. Now let’s Give it some thought a bit extra, particularly using my RSA 2022 experiences.

First, I guess Nobody would contest that We now Want to detect menaces in public cloud environments and We now have To evaluation incidents tright here. So The factors are exact therefore Tright here is a need.

Second, a hypothetical CDR system Might need to do its personal menace detection, allow the analysts to triage alerts, assist incident investigative workflows And probably do some response automation too. However, tright here are already mannequins that do all This stuff, however maybe not All of a sudden And by no means focused on the cloud. Naturally, a SIEM (cloud-native or completely differentwise) can do cloud menace detection off cloud supplier logs, assist alert triage and investigations. A SOAR may automate responses. Equally, broad cloud safety distributors (all these CWPPs and CNAPPs) promise to “safe your cloud” and That always consists of detecting menaces.

So, Can we’d like a CDR or not?! Three roads I see:

  1. CDR should exist as a know-how and/or market: Cloud is A mannequin new exactm for menace detection and so previous mannequins/approaches Aren’t best; so We’d like new mannequins that work properly On this new exactm.
  2. CDR should exist as a know-how, however not as a separate market: Constructive, We’d like new technical capabilities, however cloud suppliers and broad cloud safety distributors will ship CDR capabilities.
  3. CDR Ought to not exist, The drawback is exact, However It is solved elsewright here: Cloud Is merely a telemetry supply, and current mannequins and distributors — and cloud suppliers — will Look after this.

Furtherextra, at RSA 2022, I’ve Checked out distributors like Cado and Mitiga (among completely differents) And that i noticed That focus on incident response Inside the cloud does name for mannequins That are completely different enough (BTW, a podcast on how we do it right here is coming quickly). The “R” of CDR Is in all probability the extra sturdy nut to crack as SIEM and SOAR are of restricted worth right here, and conventional forensics mannequins and EDRs solely work on digital machines (to an extent they do). To me, this provides further motivation for CDR.

Lastly, my prediction: I am voting Selection 2: We’ll in all probability have “CDR know-how,” a system set optimized for D&R in public cloud (constructed by each cloud suppliers and standalone distributors), however maybe gained’t have a separate market (we have enough prolonged acronyms starting with “C” already….). Why do I exactly feel so? I exactly feel doing cloud D&R with a) pre-cloud mannequins and/or b) cloud mannequins not focused on D&R Can be irritating enough for enough people to necessitate A mannequin new class creation, if not A complete new market.


P.S. I first noticed the time period CDR in Sift Security messaging round 2017. I Did not invent the time period. And This is A quick consider who makes use of the time …….


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