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CARTERVILLE, IL (WSIL) — A school board meeting in Carterville tonight was Full of allegations of staff bullying and sexual harassment Of scholars.

Former scholar Kyle Willis study a 5 minute assertion to the board Thursday night, declareing these allegations have been brushed aside for years. 

Willis And a lot of completely different former scholars declare staff bullying, intimidating, sexually harassing and assaulting scholars has been occurring with little to no repercussion. 

“Why Have you ever normalized teachers behaving sexually in the direction of your scholars And by no means acted in the direction of it? Why Have you ever normalized bullying and assault in your district to The objective of not one, not two however even three scholar suicides having nonetheless modified nothing for you? There have been An monumental Quantity Of scholars who  You are and have been immediately Responsible for Who’ve repeatedly expert This stuff and Needed to persevere by way of every thing alone,” said Willis. 

Kyle gave a 28 Website presentation to board members and attendees.

It is Full of dozens of Fb and group discussion board posts alleging The identical issues Kyle launched tonight.

The board However saying in response that they take these allegations very critically.

“We now have had circumstances Which have been investigated by regulation enforcement That you merely’ve acquired eluded to and we definitely take all of that very very critically,” said one board member. 

Information Three reached out the regional superintendent Of schools at Carterville Highschool Thursday.

Senior officers say They will be releasing A press launch Friday.

Information Three additionally requested copies of any formal felony complaints in the direction of Carterville staff.

We’re anticipated to get these subsequent week.

Source: https://www.wsiltv.com/townnews/law/former-students-bring-serious-allegations-against-carterville-school-district-staff/article_0bc49238-f365-11ec-b3b0-d7cefa0f708a.html

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