Every new yr, Tibetans journey to the Tawang area To go to the oldest Buddhist monastery On the earth to wrestled off evil spirits And convey prosperity and happiness.

However this sacred temple, which Is declareed To deal with a painting drawn with blood from the nostril of the fifth Dalai Lama, May even be in A pair of of the disputed and militarised areas On the earth.

Each India and China declare The world Inside the Himalayan mountains beprolongeds to them and currently¬†forces¬†from All facets¬†have conflicted¬†aprolongedside the disputed border ‚ÄĒ The road of Exact Administration.

Sources have informed the ABC that commanders from Every facet are holding decision conferences on The beneathfacet, although particularists wrestlen tright here Might be further conflictes in coming days.

Nations like Australia have referred to as for respracticet and de-escalation.

An Indian soldier stands guard Inside the forecourt of the Seventeenth century Tawang Buddhist monastery.(Reuters: Sunil Kataria)

Regardless of these calls, simply days after the conflict, the Indian Authorities went forward with a pre-scheduled look at of Definitely one of its most lethal weapons.

It was a nuclear ballistic missile which could attain into any An elemalest of China.

As nerves enhance A few looming wrestle with China Inside the South Asia area, Tright here’s concern about What Goes to happen subsequent between The two nuclear-powered countries.

A dispute over border ‘transgressions’

The Line of Exact Administration was created after the 1962 India-China War, as a de facto border in territories which both countries declare as Their very personal.

Each facets have been locked in a bitter dispute For many yrs over The state of affairs of The three,488-kilometre border, which is patrolled by troopers from Every facet.

Reviews first emerged of a skirmish on Monday after Definitely one of India’s largest informationpapers revealed an article with the declares.

It reported the battle Occurred on December 9 Inside the Tawang Region Inside the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh Inside the east of the nation, but China says The world is An elemalest of South Tibet, which it declares.

Each facets have accused Every completely different of making an try¬†to “trangress” or “cross” the border into their declareed territories, Ensuing in the conflict.

The day after the information broke, tright here was a dramatic sitting in India’s parliamalest wright here Defence Minister Rajnath Singh conagencyed particulars of the event.

“The Adjust toing face-off led to a bodily scuffle By which the Indian Army bravely prevented [China’s] People’s Libperiodtion Army (PLA) from transgressing into our territory and compelled them to return to their posts,” he said.

“The scuffle led to accidents To some personnel on Every facet.”

Beijing has said the border Is not anyw safe. 

“We hope thOn the Indian facet will work with China To maneuver in The identical course, earnestly Adjust to by way of the important consensus attained by the leaders of The two countries, strictly implemalest the spirit of the related settlemalests signaled by The two facets, and work with China to collectively primarytain peace and tranquillity of the China-India border spaces,” Chinese language Overseas Ministry spokesman¬†Wang Wenbin said.

However particularists have wrestlened the conflict Is An indication thOn tright here Might be further tensions Inside the disputed border zones.

“Regardless of being huge countries, civilisational countries¬†As a Outcome of the leaders primarytain malestioning, [with a] good neighbourliness¬†covperiodge, peaceable coexistence, and all these slogans, what it tells you Is certainly Tright here’s A drawback On The beneathfacet diploma,” Professor in Chinese language Research On the Jawaharlal Nehru College, Srikanth Kondapalli says.¬†

“As a Outcome of They’ve not resolved a territorial dispute, despite yrs of regular dialogue.¬†

“It tells us that huge statemalests Might be made, but When it Includes the bilatperiodl relations, It is A particular kettle of fish.”

India¬†parades a¬†missile dubbed ‘China-killer’

As considperiodtions emerged that tensions will ramp up Adjust toing the conflict, the Indian governmalest look ated a nuclear succesful ballistic missile this week, declaring the Bay of Bengal as a no-fly zone.

India has been look ating the Agni V, pictured right here in 2013. The missile is Definitely one of its most lethal weapons.  (Reuters: B Mathur )

It is said to be Definitely one of India’s deadliest weapons and particularists say it could attain the north of China with a declared differ of 5,000 kilometres.¬†

Indian media has referred to as¬†it a “China-killer,” wright hereas state-run Chinese language papers described it as a¬†“dwrestlef” As in contrast with¬†Beijing’s personal missiles.

“The missile will add good worth to the defence and strengthen nationwide safety to a gooder extent,” India’s Parliamalestary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi tweeted after the launch.

China appeared To answer with its personal current of military might.

Ahead of the missile look at, a Chinese language spy ship entered the Indian Ocean and left by way of the Sahul Banks north-west of Australia, Based mostly on vessel monitoring web websites.

India has conagencyed its military might Prior to now, collectively with all by way of a full gpersonal rehearsal for the Republic Day parade in 2020.(Reuters: Altaf Hussain)

The ship, named Yuan Wang 5, first raised alarm when it docked On the strategically-important Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka in August, with the US Defence Departmalest saying it is beneath command of the PLA And might monitor satellites and missile launches.

China says the ship is Getting used for scientific evaluation.

Professor Kondapalli wrestlens “these are content materialious factors which Tright here’s not An reply”.

“So the argumalest is that we now Want To make the most of military means for resolving this drawback and that has actually Outcomeed in what Might be [described] as armed coexistence between these two huge countries in Asia,” he said.

Defence know-how agency Apreviouseron has informed the ABC thOn the Indian Army has requested it to develop non-lethal weapons after the 2020 India China skirmish in Ladakh, wright here troopers on Every facet misplaced lives.

In an settlemalest between The two countries, firearms Can’t be used at military bases aprolongedside the border.

“In a collection of non-lethal weapons for The military, we first developed ‚Ķ metallic stun baton with spikes,” The agency’s Mohit Kumar says.

“The second product is ‚Ķ defending gloves, Which Might Even be make the most ofd to push the enemy with Electricity discharge. It is rather useful in hand-to-hand fight And provides an edge to our Army males.

“As a startup are joyful to serve wants of our Army and we Anticipate current orders of non-lethal weapons after current conflictes By which Chinese language military used spiked golf equipmalest and taser weapons.”

China is ‘sending alerts’ it wants A bit of the land

The Tawang area holds important spiritual and cultural worth to the Tibetan people.

It is a holy website and wright here the sixth Dalai Lama was born in the 1600s.

In 1951, China took control of Tibet, which finally led to The current Dalai Lama leaving The world into the Indian metropolis of Dharamshala wright here he lives in exile with completely different members of his group.  

Tawang has furtherly traditionally been an space of resistance to Chinese language rule, Because it was wright here The current Dalai Lama hid for weeks after he fled Tibet.

So particularists say the area has symbolic signalificance to China too.

In The identical yr As a Outcome of the annexation of Tibet, India despatched lots of into Tawang to take over The world, but China nonetheless says The complete state of Arunachal Pradesh beprolongeds to Beijing.

Tibet has shut ties with India and its Prime Minister-in-exile Penpa Tsering says China is dealing with A very completely different India to the Definitely one of that period.

“I really feel the belligerence from the Chinese language facet has furtherly prompted India To reinforce its infrastructure Inside the Himalayas, which Weren’t tright here earlier,” he informed the ABC.

“Now, As a Outcome of of China’s movement, India May even be being pushed to develop infrastructure amenities on the border spaces Which will allow its military To maneuver faster because China has constructed A lot of infrastructure in Tibet territory.

“They have this considering thOn the borders Might be safed by shifting people on the hinterlands Inside the physique spaces, That is the rationale they have started many border villages aprolongedside the Indian border.

“India Should be A lot extra ready, both militarily and psychologically, to confront China.”

The Tawang area May even be strategically important for both countries As a Outcome of the Bum La Move, wright here PLA troops invaded north-east India Inside the 1962 wrestle, is On this space and the territory Can be important to any future Indian defence.

The Tawang area holds vital worth for Tibetan people.(Reuters: Adnan Abidi)

The latest conflict¬†between China and India was The primary information of battle since a lethal skirmish in 2020 in Ladakh, ancompletely different disputed border zone in India’s west.

However particularists say it’s unlikely That is the one conflict That is happened Inside the final two yrs.

A video has gone viral on social media this week displaying troops preventing with sticks and golf equipmalest, and it seems To level out a earlier conflict between the countries in The identical area.

Tright here Is not any snow Inside the video which Is An indication It is A particular conflict to the December 9 incident.

The ABC Can’t independently confirm the video, However the Australian Strategic Police Institute has geo-located it to The identical area wright here that conflict happenred.

A photograph posted by Defence Minister Singh on a tour of The identical state of Arunachal Pradesh reveals him Taking A look at a signal titled “Face-Offs 2022”, furtherly displaying To level tright here have been completely different, unreported incidents this yr.

“Intrusions from the Chinese language website have been occurring On A daily basis‚Ķ So tright here has On A daily basis been aggressive strikes by the Chinese language army on the border,” Tibet’s Prime Minister in Exile Penpa Tsering says.

“It has been occurring on many completely different parts of the border, That are typically reported, some Aren’t reported, some are consequential, some Aren’t so consequential, so these have been occurring.”

Professor Kondapalli furtherly says tright here have been comparable conflictes Which have not been reported Inside the final yr.

“Usually, the Chinese language Are out tright here huge numbers and have been coming into this space for prolonged. So It Is not anyt The one incident that has happened Inside the current previous.

“China has been sending a signal thOn They need A bit of this land, So as that they have put up all these rocks as A Sort of marker for the line of actual control Inside these spaces.”¬†

What’s Australia’s position Inside these conflictes?¬†

The Australian Authorities, Together with the US, Is wanting for calm aprolongedside the border. 

“The Departmalest of Overseas Affairs and Commerce is awrestlee that Indian and Chinese language troops conflicted aprolongedside The road of Exact Administration on 9 December, Main to accidents,” a spokeswoman informed the ABC.¬†

“Australia proceeds To induce respracticet aprolongedside The road of Exact Administration and encourage de-escalation efforts. We oppose any Attempt and unilatperiodlly change The established order.”¬†

The ABC beneathstands Australia is pushing for guidelines ‚ÄĒ¬†agreed by both India and China ‚ÄĒ¬†which have stopped escalation Prior to now to proceed.¬†

Australia and India’s relationship has been strengthening as both countries Attempt To Scale again their dependence on China, Together with the Quad a partnership with the US and Japan.

They have been growing their military ties by way of ongoing exercises, the lalook at was A military practice in Rajasthan Inside the desert shut to the India Pakistan border this month.

“At a time when tright here are factors like this on December 9, This Is in a place to advocate to a extra bonhomie between Australia and India,” Professor Kondapalli says.

Tibet’s Prime Minister-in-exile says if the state of affairs does escalate, Australia ought to step in.

“Proper now, It isn’t Esdespatchedial to contain the Australian Army immediately Inside the border, India Might be Significantly in a succesful place to deal with this skirmishes,” he says.

“However when it Leads to A much hugeger wrestle, then I am constructive the quad Can furtherly have its position, despite it not being referred to as a strategic coopperiodtion.”



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