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MANY thanks to our Land Rover dealership https://Cito-LandRover.nl 00:00 Walkaround 07:35 Interior 09:10 Engine 11:00 Test …


20 thoughts on “*NEW* 2022 RANGE ROVER | REVIEW on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL”
  1. Do y’all know how cheap ugly and worthless range rovers are they are a garbage truck this is ugly as hell the break down fast and not worth money if you was to see how long they will last go buy one and see how problems you have within the first year lol everybody I know who has had range rovers all have took them back sold them or had multiple expensive issues to fix on them😂 very fast everybody buys them for the status but we all know the truth they are very unreliable and ugly 😂 now the lr4 oh my god a dream I’ll take over a Range Rover Anyday the defender looks way better then the Range Rover 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. JLR always seem to have issues with panel alignment. I saw multiple XE’s, XF’s, Evoques and Defenders with these issues although the XE was probably the worst

  3. Design wise.. I haven’t heard anyone complaining about RR design in the last 10 years, maybe more. And not only this model, but also the sport and evo..
    That can’t be said for:
    BMW (probably the ugliest new designs in the past 5 years)
    And the list goes on.
    So.. notbeing boxy enough.. just take a look at the Q7 – they introduced the boxy version, and… it was ugly. Now with the facelifted version it can be said that it looks somewhat good, but probably because we gotten used to it.

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