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Sinequa To Enhance Airbus Helicopters’ Technical Support And Customer Service – CIOReview – 152news
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Airbus Helicopters will improve its Technical Support and Customer Service by using Sinequa’s intelligent search platform.

Fremont, CA: “Sinequa is proud to work with Airbus Helicopters to help advance the company’s digitalization of its processes, and to improve the findability of vital information across the organization,” states Stephane Kirchacker, Vice President, EMEA, at Sinequa. Using Sinequa’s Intelligent Search platform, Airbus Helicopters, the world’s largest helicopter manufacturer and a branch of Airbus, has improved its technical assistance and customer experience. With this solution, Airbus Helicopters provides self-service technical assistance, thereby enhancing the customer experience and enabling professionals to operate more efficiently while getting valuable insights that contribute to the aircraft’s safety.

Sinequa’s extensible AI-powered search platform with advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU), multi-language support, and text mining capabilities will help Airbus Helicopters’ Technical Support team develop a specialized search application – internally dubbed Hyperion – that will enable self-service support and autonomy for over 20 percent of customer queries, with an estimated 60 percent resolution rate for simple queries. In addition, it is anticipated that response times for second-level support engagements will be lowered by 5 to 10 percent.

Sinequa’s artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities enhance the comprehension of query intent and can be used to automatically spot trends and patterns in repeated support requests that can be utilized to guide business choices. Sinequa also enables Airbus Helicopters to control access privileges for multiple users better, thereby enhancing data security and facilitating compliance with stringent regulations.

Sinequa’s ease of implementation enables it to satisfy the operational restrictions of Airbus Helicopters. The decrease in response time and the improvement of the quality and categorization of results were crucial to the growth of the project. Airbus helicopter management, customers, and technicians now have global access to Sinequa’s robust solution, which enables the surfacing of previously unavailable data.


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