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You’d possibly be Excited Regarding the “edge” of the universe as Some extent at which You can flip round and see a zoomed-out view of every thing — every galaxy, every planet, every star, and so forth. However this in all probability Is not the biggest Method to strategy This cas quickly aspt, A minimal of not Based mostly on Space, which explains that even Do You’d like to have been To fulfill up with The sting, there would merely simply be extra universe. The thought Means That is not primarily A drawback Which Might Even be solved by imagining Everything of the universe as some Sort of object or level of remark; it merely is. 

However let’s Instead say That you merely can A method or The completely different step outdoors of the universe and maintain Everything of its contents in your hand. What you’d in all probability have is a sphere-shaped object that stays The identical measurement in your palms whereas the contents inside shift round, but As a Outcome of the universe is self-contained (not in distinction to a Online recreation world) we could by no means actually Discover your self To maintain in thoughts of An outdoors, A minimal of not with out interdimensional journey.

Furtherextra, As a Outcome of the universe expands (which as quickly as extra, occurs faster than the velocity Of sunshine), so do the distances between objects in space. Complete galaxies Might Even be touring amethod from our personal level in spacetime at velocitys That are additionally faster than the velocity Of sunshine. So, the pertinent question might not truly be “what actually occurs On The sting of the universe?”, but pretty “what’s past our observable universe?” — which is, as astrophysicists On the College of Lyon theorized in 2021, simply extra universe.

Source: https://www.slashgear.com/880704/what-really-happens-at-the-edge-of-the-universe/


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