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Pondering Regarding the far reaches of our universe is a typical mind-stretching second Which will fill one with marvel. However, Eager about what’s past the universe in “Dragon Ball” will in all probability depart you frustratingly perplexed. That Seems to be the case with followers on the “Dragon Ball” subreddit, Who’re all making an try to theorize about what exists outdoors Universe 7. What makes the question so tempting to ask is how Akira Toriyama has formally mapped out Universe 7, which is the place the Earth of “Dragon Ball” resides. A submit by u/Acceptable-Look at-653, which has been upvoted over 1,000 occasions, Consists of a universe map from Definitely one of many official “Super Thrilling Guides” for “Dragon Ball” (by way of Dragon Ball Wiki). It appears like a snow globe with Earth On The underside and afterlife places like Snake Method and King Emma’s Palace extra in the direction of The very biggest. However what occurs Do You’d like to transfer out of the sphere?

Some followers assume that what’s outdoors the sphere is actually nothing. “As for What’s outdoors the universe, It is both An complete darkish void, or It is ‘the large nothingness’ we see when Future Zeno erases Future Trunks’ universe,” u/ClockwerkKaiser submited. Future Zeno does erase Future Trunk’s universe in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 67 (by way of Crunchyroll) to Get rid of Zamasu, who had contaminated every thing. And the void idea would Carry out a useful Method to hyperlink the collection to what’s outdoors. Nonetheless, that wasn’t The one collection connection concept thrown by followers. One other commenter, u/Potars requested, “Might It is that what’s between them is The world That is seen when Gogeta and Broly break actuality Of their wrestle?”

Source: https://www.looper.com/905067/why-dragon-balls-universe-has-even-long-time-fans-scratching-their-heads/


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