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20 thoughts on “Why Windows Phone Failed – And How They Could've Saved It”
  1. I am an Apple guy always and forever… but I remember a while back my brother had a Windows Phone and I was playing around with it and genuinely liked it, it’s a shame it got tanked.

  2. Apple and Android are not competitors. They are in a symbiotic relationship. One gives which the other doesn’t/cannot. Windows wanted to be a home-wrecker in the middle and was killed by both Apple and Android. 🙂

  3. It’s really unfortunate that Windows Phone has failed.
    But not because I am a Microsoft fan. Quite the opposite! But because another competing platform would lead to a slightly better smartphone market.

  4. Still have a Lumia 830, and it’s still really good in 2022. I think Microsoft just got to the game late, the “Windows Phone” line up should’ve started with a concept like “Windows Phone Vista” or “Windows Vista Mobile,” they shouldn’t have been hanging onto Windows Mobile 6.5, or whatever non-touch pocket PC gadget they were selling. Touch screen should’ve began during the time of Vista.

  5. Nokia should have focused more on their strength which is on the hardware and not to worry much on the software because at that time it was definitely android having a lot of application support and market share trends shifting towards software compatibility. It was too late for them to adapt to the changes.

  6. The ecosystem control was not the issue. If anything that helped them give the user a better experience on the devices. It was a lesson learned from previous Windows CE/Windows Mobile Phone operating system releases. It was the right thing to do because, companies like HTC skimped on processor power and RAM making phones below recommended spec so they could sell the phone cheaper. But, then the user would have a bad experience and blame Microsoft instead of HTC. No, the real reason Microsoft lost the phone market was twofold;

    First, they abandoned the Windows Mobile Phone platform and arrogantly expected every company or person who had previously written an app for Windows Mobile Phone to rewrite it to work on the phones new OS. Thus, Old apps wouldn’t run on the new OS. Suddenly millions of users and millions of applications, literally, were gone. Microsoft tried to fix this by subsidizing/Paying Netflix and tons of other companies to make apps that worked on the new OS but, they never got back what they lost. If a platform doesn’t have apps, no one is going to use it.

    Second, some idiot thought “Metro” UI was a good idea and put it on the phone. But, it wasn’t a good idea. At Microsoft they literally have ZERO inspiration. So, they think anything “different” is good. I know this to be true, I’ve worked there for a lot of years. But, Metro wasn’t good. It was ugly, boring and nobody liked it. Windows 8’s failure was proof of that.

    The sucky part is, before deciding to make a completely new OS and run the Metro UI, They had a great UI planned for the next release that was to come after 6.5. It was called “Windows Mobile 7 Photon”. It kept all the support for the application library but, updated to a new UI that didn’t require a stylus and you could use touch. It had a start button at the bottom in the center of the screen and you could use it with just one touch. You find pictures of it on the web still. Just search for “Windows Mobile 7 Photon”.

    If Microsoft had just stuck with what they had and updated the UI as intended with touch capacitive controls, I believe they would still have a large footprint in the Smart Phone Market.

  7. the only good games I could download on my Windows phone dragon quest And I miss it because the battery of my window phone is now Broken but the phone is still working but no Battery

  8. I would have loved to see if Microsoft could have approached a deal with Nokia to make a Windows Phone-based handheld console in 2011 to rival the 3DS and the Vita.

    Make what they did with the Xbox 10 years ago, which was to avoid Apple (or Sony a decade ago) to take a bite out of their business by making a heavily modified console based on Windows (or in this case Windows Phone) to cheapen mobile components and bring value to their app store. Maybe by bundling Halo CE’s multiplayer with every system.

    Nokia already had experience with mobile devices, call it Xbox Ngage or whatever. As long as it’s fully compatible with Windows Phone’s app store they could get both gamers and developers that wanted fake buttons on their mobile games to have a platform where they could shine.

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